Our Impact

Committed to Making a Difference

Whitehorse Liquidity Partners is committed to making a difference by donating 1% of revenues to local, national and international charitable organizations and causes. The emphasis on charitable giving is an extension of our culture, which is focused on staying grounded and connected. Whitehorse Liquidity Partners supports a diverse set of charitable organizations and causes with initiatives spearheaded by members of our team

Whitehorse Culture

Charities Supported

Whitehorse Liquidity Partners has donated to more than 70 charities supporting a variety of causes, including health and medical research, disaster and humanitarian relief, education, mental health issues, youth and families in-need, poverty alleviation, arts and culture and animals and the environment


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West Park Foundation
Water First
Tree Canada
Toronto Humane Society
Thirst Project
The Stop Community Food Centre
Whitehorse Environmental Responsibility

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Whitehorse Liquidity Partners fundamentally believes in responsible corporate behaviour. This belief permeates the firm’s culture, general business practices and investment considerations.

The Whitehorse Liquidity Partners ESG Policy is based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact