Whitehorse Liquidity Partners Announces Promotions

January 10 2022

  • Whitehorse Liquidity Partners grows to 105
  • Announcing 44 promotions across the organization

TORONTO, January 10, 2022 – Whitehorse Liquidity Partners (together with its affiliates, “Whitehorse”), a specialized investment manager focused on providing structured liquidity solutions to the alternative asset class, is pleased to announce a total of 44 promotions, effective January 1, 2022.

Yann Robard, Managing Partner of Whitehorse said, “throughout another year that presented significant challenges and volatility in the market, Whitehorse continued its expansion, deploying over $5.6 billion and growing to 105 professionals as of today. Our firm growth has enabled us to continue to capture the market opportunity we have created and to come through for our investors. With the promotions announced today, we recognize many of our team members for their contributions and equally for embodying our core values of partnership, integrity and performance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our newly promoted team members for their efforts. We could not be prouder of their continued progression and enablement of Whitehorse’s success to date.”

The following individuals have been promoted to senior roles at Whitehorse:

• Chris Englert – Chief Technology Officer
• Matthew Kuchinsky – Associate General Counsel
• Avinash Koul – Vice President, Data & Analytics
• Stephen Novalski – Vice President, People & Culture
• Michelle Alexander – Principal, Portfolio Management
• Ronald Cheung – Principal, Asset Management
• Andrew Gillespie – Principal, Capital Management
• Andrew Howard – Principal, Strategic Management
• Tim Lu – Principal, Asset Management
• Bridget Riberdy – Principal, Asset Management
• Kevin Brown – Director, Investment Finance
• Andrew Chan – Director, Legal
• Alexandra Stawecka-Lacina – Director, Treasury

Whitehorse promoted a further 31 individuals across the firm to Associate, Senior Associate and Manager roles. 

About Whitehorse Liquidity Partners

Whitehorse Liquidity Partners, formed in 2015, is a private equity firm focused on providing structured liquidity solutions to the alternative asset class. Whitehorse has identified what it believes to be a significant and untapped market opportunity in the utilization of structured products to generate liquidity on private equity portfolios. Since inception, Whitehorse has raised over US$9.0 billion in commitments and has deployed over US$11.7 billion across 148 transactions. For more information, please visit www.whitehorseliquidity.com.

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